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Happy Easter Everyone!

The weather is improving, the sun has been shining, and the snow has been melting!  These are definitely signs of spring – not to mention the little bunny turds I can now see all over the yard!!!

Friday night I awoke in the middle of the night to a vile odour – SKUNK!  In my fog, I couldn’t figure out why the smell was so strong in the house – the cats didn’t seem unduly concerned so figured I would worry about it the next day.  It took me until late in the day to think of shutting off the HRV system…..DUH!!!  I guess a skunk got startled (maybe by the bunny??) between my house and that of my neighbour and let one go right near my fresh air intake.  NOT PLEASANT!  Two days later, lots of open windows and a half a can of Febreeze and things are pretty much back to normal.  Who would have thought of being “skunked” in your own house????

It is on days like this that I miss family.  There should be a turkey in the oven providing the right kinds of aromas and a gaggle of family and friends to help enjoy it.  My immediate family is strewn between Toronto, Vancouver and Orlando and extended family and friends all busy doing their own things.  Sigh.  OK – that’s enough!!  I’m over it!

Hope the Easter Bunny brings you all lovely treats!!