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Political Nonsense

I misunderstood this “benefit” Trudeau was proposing so I am correcting this blog.

When I read that Justin Trudeau planned/promised (if he wins the upcoming election) to increase the  CPP one-time survivor benefit by 25% FOR WIDOWS, I nearly came unglued.  What is equal about that?  Widows are single people who have lost their spouse to death.  As sad as that is, they sometimes get an insurance pay-out and/or a portion of that spouse’s pension and that person’s RRSPs, savings, investments, etc.  Single women get none of these things and aren’t given any other special benefits either.

This is one of the most ridiculous political promises I’ve seen from any of the parties – I guess it’s right up there with budgets will balance themselves!

For those of you who are planning to vote in October, I found a great internet article that very simply identifies, by category, each party’s platform for that category.  It’s an easy way to spot the differences between parties.  The url is:

I also noted, when reading through this article, that there is no category for seniors.  We represent a sizable group of voters across the county and we have contributed to the country for many years.  Are we ignored because we are “old”?  So many special interest groups get attention and special benefits – not so much for seniors.  I’m waiting for some of the actual candidates to knock at my door.  I do have some questions for them.  I think, as a group, we need to speak up.  I hope you will also have some questions for your candidates.