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Just Bitchin’ – Monday Morning

What is it about this morning that has given me a huge case of the blahs??

Could it be the fact that it was still dark at 8am this morning???  I don’t like the delay in changing our clocks!!….at least not at this end of the deal.

Maybe it is also because I just booked an appointment to have my snow tires installed – now that IS depressing – not only because of the very thought of snow and winter – but these are brand new snow tires – and oooohhhh – the cost!! – certainly more than I was expecting!

Am I subconsciously depressed at the thought of biweekly garbage collection?  Actually, I get somewhat depressed (or angry) when I think of just about anything related to our municipal government and how our fair city is managed……so no, I don’t think it’s the garbage nonsense.

When I read in this morning’s paper that our City contracts to Quebec truck drivers to handle snow removal while Ottawa truck drivers are looking for work – I saw RED.  What a hypocrite is our Mr. Watson.  He wants a casino in downtown Ottawa to keep the gambling money from going to Quebec, yet his own organization is handing out contracts to Quebec trucking companies.  There is something wrong with this picture – but then, the picture has always been hung slightly off-kilter on the wall!!

For sure, I’m really angry about there being no NHL hockey.  There isn’t much else to watch on television these days.  I blame the players and the owners (well, at least the 6 or 7 team owners that form part of Bettman’s pack) equally.  The fans and the other service providers who support the teams don’t seem to matter.  The very small-market teams most of this argument seems to be about are going to go under all on their own – because of the lockout.  If there isn’t sufficient interest when there are games to be watched – the powers that be surely can’t be silly enough to think that interest will grow if there is no hockey at all!!

Good thing I’m going out to play bridge today – that will be fun and will lift me out of this fog I’m in.  Thank goodness for friends.  There is NOTHING about my group of friends that makes me feel down – in fact thinking of some of them is enough to make me smile, and maybe even chuckle.  There!  That’s done it.  I feel better already.  Onwards!


Just Bitchin’ – Looking for the Positives

My “blogging mentor” (and website designer/developer extraordinaire) told me that I should balance my blogs so that people don’t get tired of listening to me rant and whine all the time.

Here is my attempt to find something positive in the things that are irritating me these days:

  1. No NHL hockey:  I’m certainly watching less television and that probably means I’m saving money on hearing aid batteries!
  2. Basic Garbage moving to Bi-Weekly Pickup: I won’t have to lug the garbage can to the curb every week and I won’t have to chase it down on windy days as often!
  3. Dalton McGuinty Resigns:  YEAHHHHHHH!  Break out the champagne!  This one is long overdue.
  4. Dalton McGuinty Prorogues Parliament:  While this one really irritates the heck out of me – I suppose the good news is that there won’t be a Dalton copy-cat interim leader simply carrying on the party line insanity.
  5. Graham Fraser is unhappy about the level of bilingual services offered in Ottawa. I’m so tired of the whole bilingual thing – and I’m even more tired of paying for it!  Let’s scrap the program and save a bundle!
  6. LRT Price Tag going UP UP UP:  At the rate this City Council moves on major programs – I’m guessing I’ll be long past taking public transportation by the time this one is up and running!

What do you think?



Just Bitchin’ – Getting Involved

When is the last time you called or wrote to your City Councillor or the Mayor?  Your MPP?  Your MP?  Do you even know who they are?

So many of us have opinions on all sorts of things and we freely express them to our friends and neighbours – but just what do you think these friends or neighbours can or will do about any of it?  Wouldn’t it be more productive to provide your thoughts and input to the people who are in a position to do something?  You voted for them to represent you – they can’t do that if they are left trying to be mind-readers – or worse – to hear input from only the tree-hugger types who adopt “a cause” just for sake of having “a cause”.

GET INVOLVED!  I call it EARNING THE RIGHT TO WHINE!  Just think – you could actually make a difference!!  Contacting any of these people is easy by email.  Know that your input IS important and your opinions ARE valid.  Make them heard!!

Just Bitchin’ – My Take on Stuff from Today’s Ottawa Sun

Casino for Ottawa: Let’s start with the frenzy going on about a new casino for our fair city.  It seems that the OLG will insist on ONLY ONE casino in Ottawa and it will likely be where they want it to be (aka Downtown).  Calgary has multiple casinos – a smaller city in population than Ottawa.  Edmonton has multiple casinos – a smaller population than Ottawa.  Winnipeg has multiple casinos – again a smaller population than Ottawa – so what on earth is going on here?  The rumors that Dalton McGuinty has made some sort of deal with a large casino conglomerate who is insisting on no competition might just be true – otherwise this “one casino for Ottawa” scenario makes absolutely no sense at all.  Why not leave Rideau Carleton Raceway just the way it is????  Harness Racing – although not my favourite way to spend my money – has been a part of this city for as long as I can remember and Rideau Carleton appears to be a very profitable and very Canadian company.  It is a money maker for both the City and the Province and employees a large number of people – all tax payers!!   Build another casino if the powers that be want another casino.  I have no doubt there is room for both.

NHL Lockout:  I read this morning that BMO Capital Markets economist Doug Porter said the NHL strike is likely to take a $1.8 billion cut out of our (Canadian) gross domestic product this year.  WHAT????

High-Speed Longboards (i.e. skateboards meant for getting from a to b vs doing tricks):  If we aren’t careful, there will be another special commuter lane on Laurier Avenue – for longboards!  Where do they fit?  On the sidewalks?  On the roads?  In the bike lanes?  Maybe we should insist on brake lights and turn signals on these boards!!  OMG – then what about little old ladies using walkers, electric wheelchairs, strollers, etc.  Are we really having conversations about this sort of stuff????