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COVID-19 – Repeat

Oh my goodness this is getting tiring. We seem to be in worse shape today than we were one year ago. I’m still ordering groceries from home, still seeing only a very few people unless it’s outside, masks on, well distanced and even then, I’m picky-choosey in terms of who that might be. It’s the Tuesday after Easter and my grocery shopper is not doing well – shelves are empty – so many things out of stock. It’s not as if they didn’t know Easter weekend was coming. This is nuts!

I’ve had my first of two vaccinations (March 29) but my second is booked for July 19 – too far out as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping, with more vaccine shipments, it will get moved up. Until then, I’m placing myself in near lockdown.

I did manage to see my cousin John and his wife Julie and two of their kids and grandkids over Easter weekend – all in separate places – and all outside. It was very nice to actually see some family faces – at least their eyes from a distance. They were all really careful to give me my space. It also gave my car a little run!

I remember feeling very tired and unenthused about doing anything a year ago when we were in a lockdown scenario. I became a sludge and had little interest in doing anything worthwhile. After a few months, I did start to do some de-cluttering in the house – closets, drawers, etc and got onto quite a roll. Unfortunately, that didn’t last and I’m back to being a sludge again. While the weather was yucky, I was doing jigsaw puzzles with a neighbour – but now, it’s too nice not to at least sit on the front porch. Good thing I have a KOBO E-reader full of books and there are some hockey games to watch.

I hope my friends who read my blog are doing well – thank goodness for Herbie (my kitty). We chat back and forth and snuggle at night. It could be worse.