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Just Bitchin’ – Nothing Better than Planning a Holiday

Sometimes I think the planning and research is almost as much fun as the holiday itself – at least for me it is.

Just a few months away now from a fabulous holiday on the French and Italian Rivieras (no less).

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  Our original vacation package was cancelled – not enough people signed up – so our money was returned and it was back to the drawing board.  As luck would have it, we found something even better without spending more money!!  We will be spending 6 nights in Nice, 1 night in Genoa and 5 nights in Viareggio.  The itinerary is packed with lots of day trips – but how lovely to be coming back to the same hotel for multiple nights in a row.  I’m pretty much beyond the point of trying to pack up and move on every morning……at least not when it’s on somebody else’s schedule.

While in Nice, we tour St. Tropez, Grasse, Eze, and so many other beautiful places.

En route to Genoa from Nice, we will tour Monaco and Monte Carlo (we may even take the public bus from Nice – 25 minutes – to lose a few euros in the casino and oogle some spectacular yachts).

When we travel from Genoa to Viareggio, we will spend most of a day in Cinque Terre, walking between Riomaggiore and Manarola, then going by boat between Manarola and Vernazza and finally by train from Vernazza to Monterrosso del Mare – seeing 4 of the 5 quaint and breathtakingly beautiful little villages that make up this special place.  We will have covered all of the permitted modes of transportation – hiking, sailing and train – no cars allowed.

Then  5 nights on the ocean – and I mean right on the ocean – in Viareggio,Tuscany, with side trips to Florence, Pisa, Sienna and Chianti.

It all sounds absolutely wonderful.  So – now we’re pouring over information on what we might do with leisure time, looking at galleries of pictures, saving our money, practicing our wine drinking, making lists of our lists and enjoying every minute of it.



Just Bitchin’ – What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Members of Parliament are paid by us, the public.  Why then are they charging us, the public, for speaking engagements?  If this isn’t a solid case of double-dipping, I don’t know what is.  What’s wrong with this picture?????

How is it that union negotiators or salary arbitrators aren’t given (or don’t need to care about) any facts relating to monies available?  What good does it do to come up with a wage decision that is completely unaffordable?  How often does anyone think they can “go back to the well” (the well being you and me) for more?  What’s wrong with this picture??????

How is it that Bilingualism is alive and well (not to mention extremely costly) everywhere in Canada EXCEPT FOR QUEBEC??? Was it not, in large part, introduced to give francophones – the greatest number of whom live in la belle province – access to services in their mother language?  What’s wrong with this picture??????

Health care expenses are on the rise yet services are being reduced.  Being proactive is slowly becoming a think of the past.  If it isn’t affordable to be proactive, how on earth will we ever pay for the major downstream problems?  What’s wrong with this picture?????

Speaking of Health Care – we continue to be told that there is only one-tier medicine in every province (except Quebec).  How is it then that Jason Spezza had immediate access to an MRI and back surgery to relieve disc issues?  Is it possible that the Senators PAID for this???  What tier would that be??  What’s wrong with this picture????

Many native Canadians spent days and days – and in some cases weeks and weeks – picketing or sitting in a teepee, being basically IDLE……….in support of an IDLE NO MORE movement.  What’s wrong with this picture?????

Across the river (in Gatineau), garbage is collected in one bunch – no need to separate out your leavings into green, black, blue and other bins.  It is done, somehow, after the fact (and probably with a higher success rate at that).  Here, we are asked to separate our garbage – yet several times now, I have seen ONE truck picking up both Green and Blue/Black bin contents.  What’s wrong with this picture??????

I invite you all to add to this list – send me your examples and I’ll add them to my blog!  I’m sure I have only scratched the surface.


Just Bitchin’ – Your Councillor Can Make A Difference

I feel very lucky to live in Kanata South and to have Allan Hubley as my city Councillor.  This man is beyond amazing.

I have never been shy to express my opinion (now don’t all argue with me about this at once!!) – and I often email him if I want to express myself on any given issue.  He most often responds, personally, within 30 minutes!  Yes – within 30 minutes!!

I also call or email him when I have a request – a good example was when the changeover happened to garbage collection – nobody on my street had received new collection calendars.  It was taken care of immediately!

Most recently, I whined about how difficult it was to get a zoning question answered (and I do have a lot of those, working for a gaggle of real estate agents) – now I have a personal (and direct) contact in the planning department – thanks to Allan.  I have since had several zoning questions answered quickly and thoroughly.  Not only that – one of Allan’s admin people called me this morning to make sure the process was working for me.  Now that is SERVICE!

Allan Hubley seems to be a man with a very good head on his shoulders, who uses a lot of common sense (so sadly lacking in municipal politics), seems to truly care about his constituents – and he has certainly had his own share of life challenges.  I like him a lot.  The sad thing is he is only one voice and one vote on our City Council.  I wish we had more like him!