Just Bitchin’ – Your Councillor Can Make A Difference

I feel very lucky to live in Kanata South and to have Allan Hubley as my city Councillor.  This man is beyond amazing.

I have never been shy to express my opinion (now don’t all argue with me about this at once!!) – and I often email him if I want to express myself on any given issue.  He most often responds, personally, within 30 minutes!  Yes – within 30 minutes!!

I also call or email him when I have a request – a good example was when the changeover happened to garbage collection – nobody on my street had received new collection calendars.  It was taken care of immediately!

Most recently, I whined about how difficult it was to get a zoning question answered (and I do have a lot of those, working for a gaggle of real estate agents) – now I have a personal (and direct) contact in the planning department – thanks to Allan.  I have since had several zoning questions answered quickly and thoroughly.  Not only that – one of Allan’s admin people called me this morning to make sure the process was working for me.  Now that is SERVICE!

Allan Hubley seems to be a man with a very good head on his shoulders, who uses a lot of common sense (so sadly lacking in municipal politics), seems to truly care about his constituents – and he has certainly had his own share of life challenges.  I like him a lot.  The sad thing is he is only one voice and one vote on our City Council.  I wish we had more like him!



2 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Your Councillor Can Make A Difference

  1. Very interesting… who knows, perhaps some day we might all be lucky and he will be Mayor! J


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