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Just Surviving

My last post was shortly after a new hip to replace a previous hip replacement (they call them “revisions”) and to introduce my new sleep buddy – Monsieur CPAP.  Well – not much has changed.  I’m having a rough time with this recovery.  I still have to use a cane or I limp badly, I still have considerable difficulty getting the darned leg into the car when I’m driving, my wrists are complaining loudly about the overuse of them with walkers, crutches, canes, and just the action of getting up from a chair!…..and one of my other nasty visitors has turned up again – vertigo.  Whoever called this the Golden Age was certainly full of something!!  Somebody told me that the only thing “golden” at this stage of life is your urine – if you are lucky!  I think they nailed that one.

In spite of all my complaints, I am back at my favourite exercise haunt – The Liquid Gym.  I  know it sounds like a wonderful bar – but it’s treadmills and exercise bikes under the water.  Whoever dreamed this up is an absolute genius.  Exercise without discomfort – unless you count the trials and tribulations of getting dry (in a humid dressing room) and dressed at the end of the session.  I’m hoping the therapist I see at the hospital will see a difference when I go back to see her late in the month.

The CPAP story is a successful one – at least I think it is.  It is a wireless gadget so I can get a report in the morning on my computer about how well I did the night before – # hours used, # times the mask came off, how much air leaked out, etc. etc. – last night my score was 100.  Yeah Me!!  I a finding myself sleeping 9 and 10 hours – EVERY NIGHT!! –  and the best part – I sleep through the night without getting up to pee!!!  I have no idea if I still snore or not – my first trip with a roomie (Sept) will tell the tale on that aspect of things.  Aside from the fact that it adds extra tasks to my regular morning routine (clean nose piece and humidifier dish with gentle soap and water every morning, clean hose once a week and clean the entire headgear contraption monthly – or something like that), I am not finding it the least bit difficult!!  The kitties just have to wait a few more minutes for their breakfast.

I did watch the entire season of Downton Abby and I highly recommend it – to everyone – men and women alike.  What a fabulous series.  I was very sorry to have it end.

At the moment, I’m pretty buried in Real Estate listings – the spring market is alive and well.  I have a love/hate relationship with this work. On the plus side, it provides extra much needed and appreciated income and it keeps my brain working.  On the negative side, it interferes with my social life and my ability to find enough “do-nothing” time.  Oh well.  We can’t have everything and I’m very lucky to have found work that I can do from home on my own schedule.

The housing market might think it is spring – but the weather hasn’t been co-operating.  I’m tired of snow.  My snow tires are coming off tomorrow morning and the car is being cleaned, inside and out, tomorrow afternoon.  Enough already!!