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Love my I-Pad

I am so lucky!  Last week I was gifted with an  I-Pad……now that’s the way to make a person feel REALLY appreciated!

I have always said that old dogs CAN be taught new tricks – but as each year goes by, it takes longer and longer for things to “sink in” to the old noggin.  My favourite techie (Steve) just assumes if he tells me once, it is forever remembered.  Not quite.  Usually I have  to keep crib notes – visual is always better.  I just have to remember where I put them!

This world of the tablet includes a whole new language……”apps” is my favourite – it even has a store for shopping!!  Now that I know how to do!  Another cool one (and it’s free)  is called “AroundMe”.  Somehow this little “app” knows exactly where you are and finds all of the things of interest around you – bars, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.  Can’t wait to try this one out when I’m not at home!!

Thank you Kris!!


LCBO Votes to Strike

We are lucky here in Ottawa.  If our source of wine is turned off, we can always slink across the bridge to La Belle Province and stock up – and likely with better choices and better prices!!

Workers in the LCBO want more money.  SAY WHAT?  They already earn, from what I read, more than just about any other retail job on the planet.  What is so special about putting a bottle in a bag, or stocking shelves?  What is unique about these retail workers  is that they are provincial government employees…….and, therein lies the problem.  Back to the trough – but – the trough is US!!

Let’s privatize this monster for once and for all.  I know it is a profit maker for an already strapped provincial government – but I’d rather have some competition in this arena than it be used as a source of tax revenue.  It must, however, be privatized without a myriad of government rules and added taxes (I must be dreaming!!).

At the very least, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick up the bottle of wine for dinner along with the groceries you are purchasing to make the meal!!

I think I’ll make an LCBO run while I can!!


Choosing a Paint Colour

After looking at and dealing with chalky builder’s paint on the walls for 5-1/2 years…..and figuring that having the interior of the house painted isn’t going to get less expensive over time….. I decided to bite the bullet and at least start the process.

In an open concept style of house – there aren’t too many options when it comes to managing a large job in phases – and phases it will have to be for budgeting purposes.  Phase 1 will have to be the Great Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Hallways and the wall heading down the stairs to the Lower Level + all trim and doors in these areas.  Since one runs into the other, you can’t stop once you start!!! The Main Level Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Laundry can wait until Phase 2 and the Lower Level until Phase 3.  Closets may end up being in Phase “infinity”.

Now that I had determined how to proceed, I had to find a painter.  My regular guy is meticulous, does a fantastic job, but is slow and therefore expensive.  I interviewed 2 other painters and settled on one who comes recommended by neighbours – and who provided a very reasonable estimate – besides – I liked him.  Feeling comfortable with somebody who is going to be in your home for an entire week is important.

So – now I know what is going to be done and who is going to do it.  All that is left is to choose the paint colour.  Oh My God!  All I want is a neutral with “some colour” to provide contrast with my white trim and ceilings, trending toward the taupe vs the beige.  Well – easier said than done.  Those little colour strips you can bring home just do NOT tell you how the paint will really look on your walls.  I have to be sure – it’s a lot of wall and a lot of money to end up hating the colour!!  There are so many undertones to these neutral colours….some are pink, some yellow, some green and some purple……yes, purple!!!

Once I had selected a particular paint colour from the little colour strip, I purchased a “test pot” and painted two coats on two different areas of the house (different lighting).  I did this 6 times….and hated them all.  Now what?  Shares in Sherwin Williams ???   Bring in the experts!  I hired a paint colour specialist/decorator to help me solve my dilemma.  This sounded like $75 well spent.  She has recommended a grey/taupe.  It definitely doesn’t look pink, yellow or green – but once again, I have to paint a splotch on the wall to be sure.  She also recommended a matte finish vs eggshell or satin.  That set me back – I haven’t used anything but eggshell EVER.  Apparently paint quality has improved to the point that matte finish is washable.  Imagine!  I will have to think about that one though.

The proposed colour – called Alpaca – is now on the walls in both great room and dining room.  It is really hard to focus on my paint splotch (about 12″ square” ) and not look at all of the other colours that are up there, including the existing paint which tends to be a pink beige.  I have done 2 coats and will now let it dry really well – tomorrow will be decision day.   Hmmmmm – so far, not sure.   It’s pretty grey.

Decision made.  Alpaca it is.  My painter, though, is a smart guy.  He will buy 1 gallon and completely paint one wall to let me see it in quantity (and with the best quality paint) to be sure – before moving on.    We start April 15th.

Wish me luck!


April Fools

Well – they almost got me!  I picked my newspaper (The Ottawa Sun) out of my mailbox and glanced at the headlines as I headed back to my coffee – “Trudeau’s Our Man”……Sun Media backs Grit frontrunner.

EEGADS!  What has the world come to?  Cancel my subscription!  This can’t be happening!!  Not The Sun…….NO WAY!!!

I quickly move to the editorial column on page 20 – and see the Header there……”Foolish not to go with Trudeau”…… blood pressure continues to rise as I read on.

When I got to the part where they said “we have come to realize that he cannot be simply dismissed as a Shiny Pony and, although somewhat vacuous in both policy and substance, scientists tell us that all a vacuum needs to break out of its nothingness is a bit of air”………then I realized what day it was.  April 1st.  April Fool’s Day.  The word “foolish” in the column header should have been a dead giveaway!  They nearly had me!

Good one, Ottawa Sun.  I felt impelled to write a letter to the editor in which I said that the day Sun Media truly backs Justin Trudeau, I will start to look upward for flying pigs.

I like a newspaper with a sense of humour!!!