April Fools

Well – they almost got me!  I picked my newspaper (The Ottawa Sun) out of my mailbox and glanced at the headlines as I headed back to my coffee – “Trudeau’s Our Man”……Sun Media backs Grit frontrunner.

EEGADS!  What has the world come to?  Cancel my subscription!  This can’t be happening!!  Not The Sun…….NO WAY!!!

I quickly move to the editorial column on page 20 – and see the Header there……”Foolish not to go with Trudeau”……..my blood pressure continues to rise as I read on.

When I got to the part where they said “we have come to realize that he cannot be simply dismissed as a Shiny Pony and, although somewhat vacuous in both policy and substance, scientists tell us that all a vacuum needs to break out of its nothingness is a bit of air”………then I realized what day it was.  April 1st.  April Fool’s Day.  The word “foolish” in the column header should have been a dead giveaway!  They nearly had me!

Good one, Ottawa Sun.  I felt impelled to write a letter to the editor in which I said that the day Sun Media truly backs Justin Trudeau, I will start to look upward for flying pigs.

I like a newspaper with a sense of humour!!!



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