Do you think it’s nearly over?

Could it be? I have started doing my own groceries but I do still wear a mask. My bridge group is now meeting in person. I ventured out to Temples Sugarbush (my favourite) earlier this month for their pancake breakfast. I have booked tickets to see a Celtic Illusion concert at TD place in late April – a mix of Celtic dancing and magic!! Again, I will likely wear a mask. I’m more hopeful than ever that my twice delayed holiday in Abruzzo, Italy will actually happen in September. My brother and his wife are coming for an Easter visit – haven’t seen them for over 2 years. Surely these are signs that either COVID is coming to an end or I have decided to try to “live” with it. Either way, it’s an improvement.

My advocacy group on changing the way care is given in Long-term Care homes has achieved a major milestone. As I type, the chair of my group, along with representatives from CARP National are meeting with Premier Doug Ford who expressed an interest in learning more about emotion-based models of care in LTC homes. It’s hard to imagine he hasn’t heard of this stuff before – but it’s a chance to actually have his ear in a private zoom meeting. I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall! Building many new Institution-like buildings for LTC is not the answer unless the way care is delivered drastically changes. Also today is another of our Lunch & Learn webinars – this one on a new village concept for LTC in Comox, B.C. – including the important emotion-based care we are striving to achieve. We are hoping to make this an election issue with provincial elections coming along in June of this year.

My friends, neighbours, family, and Herbie (my kitty) have kept me on an even keel over the past 2 years of lock-downs, vaccinations, boosters, etc. I think I could easily become a complete hermit as I found I didn’t mind staying at home, being lazy, reading, watching garbage TV (other than Sens games), etc. Life is becoming a little bit more “normal” these days as I watch my calendar fill up with face-to-face appointments (what a novel idea), bridge games and other outings with friends and family.

I hope you are all finding your own “normal” these days and that you are well and at least content.



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