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Just Bitchin’ – Todays News re Ottawa’s LRT Routes

So – we are now examining 4 potential routes to run trains between Bayview and Lincoln Field stations:

(1) Richmond Rd/Byron Ave via Churchill

(2) Ottawa River Parkway

(3) Richmond Rd/Byron Ave via the parkway

(4) Richmond Rd/Byron Ave via Rochester Field

I cannot, in  my wildest dreams, imagine anything that makes LESS sense than a light rail transit system that travels on a corridor where NOBODY LIVES, NOBODY SHOPS, NOBODY WORKS!!  While the Ottawa River Parkway is lovely to look at, the intent should not be a “scenic drive to work”!!

Quite frankly, I don’t think our city is large enough to warrant a light rail system at all and our greenbelt scenario – with a huge chunk of land in which there are no transit customers – also creates special challenges.  If you want to increase ridership on public transit – start with making current systems better for east, west and southern suburbians.

I cringe to think of my tax dollars being spent on a pipe-dream!


Just Bitchin’ – My Job

I am a very lucky person!

I’m retired after working nearly 30 years for IBM Canada Ltd.  Sounds good eh?  Well – given that achievement provides me with a private sector pension based on a non-contributory plan (interpret that as SMALL with no cost of living index), I need to work for such extravagances (is that even a word??)  as travel, gadgets and new cars.

I found the perfect job – working for the best Real Estate Sales Representatives in town – 6 of them, and occasionally 7!!….and I get to work from home – pretty much on my own schedule!  I also work with a fabulous website designer/developer and have learned a ton!!  Can it get any better than this???

Know anyone who needs home buying or selling services or great website design/developmentservices?  I will gladly set you up!!

Just Bitchin’ – our Mayor

If I see our Mayor – Jim Watson – in one more photo op, I’m going to puke!  I think he would turn up for the opening of an envelope!!  (I stole that one from a friend)…..and…while I’m on the subject……is nobody else allowed to have an opinion at City Hall?  He does seem to get a “tad” upset if anyone disagrees with him.  What are those other councillors for anyway????

Just Bitchin’ – Living with 3 cats

My guests go home carrying with them a pound or so of cat hair.

Territorial scuffles pop up several times a week.

My Dyson vac gets a regular workout and proves its worth over and over again!

Somebody (??) upchucks at least once a week – and almost always on carpet vs the hardwood or tile!

Another somebody loves to play in the water dishes – and is particularly adept at moving the water to the floor with his paws!

The kitties ignore visitors who love them and reap havoc on those who would prefer they kept their distance.

They aren’t really disobedient – they simply have their own agenda!

Would I give them up?  Not a chance!

Theywelcome me at the door when I’ve been out.

They make me laugh far more often than they make me crazy!

They provide great company and don’t need to be walked in freezing rain or ice storms.


Just Bitchin’ – Grubs and Dandelions

We are all fed up with the mess of our lawns – particularly due to white grub infestations.  The result is a better job than a roto-tiller would do once the skunks, raccoons and crows are finished dining!!  I read an article in  the Ottawa Sun  that said the (currently banned for residential use) chemical most effective for killing these nasty little wormy things is, in fact, APPROVED by Health Canada for use on our food crops.  What is wrong with this picture?

Welcome to “Just Bitchin” – Rants and Raves

I decided it was time to stop ranting and raving in private and time to start earning my right to whine!  Since my “blogging mentor”  tells me that my blog must be balanced with both positives and negatives – I decided to call my blog “Just Bitchin’ – Rants and Raves.  When you google the term “bitchin'”, it can mean “awesome” as well as “awful”  so it just made sense to me.  I promise to do my best to balance the bad with the good!!