Just Bitchin’ – Todays News re Ottawa’s LRT Routes

So – we are now examining 4 potential routes to run trains between Bayview and Lincoln Field stations:

(1) Richmond Rd/Byron Ave via Churchill

(2) Ottawa River Parkway

(3) Richmond Rd/Byron Ave via the parkway

(4) Richmond Rd/Byron Ave via Rochester Field

I cannot, in  my wildest dreams, imagine anything that makes LESS sense than a light rail transit system that travels on a corridor where NOBODY LIVES, NOBODY SHOPS, NOBODY WORKS!!  While the Ottawa River Parkway is lovely to look at, the intent should not be a “scenic drive to work”!!

Quite frankly, I don’t think our city is large enough to warrant a light rail system at all and our greenbelt scenario – with a huge chunk of land in which there are no transit customers – also creates special challenges.  If you want to increase ridership on public transit – start with making current systems better for east, west and southern suburbians.

I cringe to think of my tax dollars being spent on a pipe-dream!


2 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Todays News re Ottawa’s LRT Routes

  1. LRT a great idea if in the right location. With the price of gas ! ! ! great for the pocket book and environment

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