Just Bitchin’ – My Job

I am a very lucky person!

I’m retired after working nearly 30 years for IBM Canada Ltd.  Sounds good eh?  Well – given that achievement provides me with a private sector pension based on a non-contributory plan (interpret that as SMALL with no cost of living index), I need to work for such extravagances (is that even a word??)  as travel, gadgets and new cars.

I found the perfect job – working for the best Real Estate Sales Representatives in town – 6 of them, and occasionally 7!!….and I get to work from home – pretty much on my own schedule!  I also work with a fabulous website designer/developer and have learned a ton!!  Can it get any better than this???

Know anyone who needs home buying or selling services or great website design/developmentservices?  I will gladly set you up!!


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