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Friends and Life Stages

I had a delightful lunch with a dear friend and her husband yesterday.  We met about 15 years ago when our Moms were in the same long-term care facility.  We often had lunch together while we fed our Moms.  Some people just stay in your heart no matter how seldom you manage to get together.  They are in the process of moving on to a new stage in their lives – retirement residence living.  Both have health issues to complicate the situation.  We talked a lot about how to do this in such a way as to produce the least stress.  Easy for me to say, right?

In fact, I have been thinking of what my next step will be.  I am getting tired of the responsibilities of home ownership – especially since I can’t do many of the “to-do’s” myself and have to hire people (if I can find them).  I think a rental apartment is in my future and I’d like to do this before I’m in the position my friends are in of “having to do it”.

I know they will be fine.  They have 2 lovely and helpful daughters and good heads on their shoulders.  Once a plan is in place, it will all come together – and I am always here, ready to listen.



Is Spring Really Here?

With the northern snow pack yet to unleash its melt to areas already in a flood emergency situation, and temperatures still going south of zero at night, it sure doesn’t feel like Spring.  There are signs, however.  Buds are starting to form on the trees and shrubs, grass is starting to green up (of course my grass is always green – even in the dead of winter) and the robins are out and about.

I’m afraid for my appliances at the moment.  If things follow my Maytag range (stove/oven) and stop working just past the 10-year mark, I’m in big trouble.  My new stove arrives this morning with a feature I hadn’t heard of before.  It does have the self-clean where temperatures go way beyond my comfort zone – but it also has “steam clean”.  The bake/bottom element is underneath the floor of the stove.  You simply add a cup of water to the oven floor and turn on the steam clean feature.  This loosens all the mess you’ve made and you wipe it out with a damp sponge.  Yes, you should be doing this right after you’ve made the mess – but I do like having an option that doesn’t raise my anxiety level and also doesn’t use that awful oven cleaner spray.  We shall see how it all works out.

I feel very lucky that I have a neighbour who has set himself up as the local handyman.  My list for him this Spring is a long one – but he is gradually working through it….take down Xmas lights, patios, porches, garage floor and fences to power wash, new bench for the front porch to put together, out-of-control blue arctic willows to cut down and haul away, parts of the deck to be fixed, put new handles on my shower door – it just doesn’t ever seem to end.  As soon as one thing is done, I think of another.

I had a nasty tumble last week (my third this year) trying to take the new porch bench to the garage – I never know how I do these things – but in a nano-second, I found myself on the garage floor, having missed at least the last step – resulting in a few colourful bruises.  I should know better and ask for help.  I have no balance – partly due to the neuropathy in both feet.  I’m just too stubborn for my own good.  Lesson learned, I hope.

I guess Spring is here.  It just doesn’t really feel like it.


I almost forgot!

It has been a long time since I posted my thoughts – I almost forgot that I had a blog!!

What a winter!  It started in mid November and it snowed again last night.  Is this ever going to end??  The snowbanks where the  plows have piled the snow are not quite as high as they once were – I can see over them now if that makes things better!

Interesting news lately – all sorts of nonsense going on with the Liberal Party.  I got quite caught up in the JWR SNC Lavelin stuff – even watched the full 4 hours of her initial testimony.  She is quite a lady.  Just think what things would be like in Canada with somebody like JWR at the helm…..not that I’m hoping for any sort of Liberal election win, I just think she is brilliant, well spoken, extremely ethical and very strong.  What more could one ask for in a Prime Minister?  She just picked the wrong party.  Now that she has been booted out of it, I can’t wait to see what her next moves will be (along with Jane Philpott) – maybe they will create a new party?

Real estate is completely crazy in Ottawa.  There is a huge lack of inventory – if one can have a “huge” lack of anything!  Buyers are lining up at nearly every listing trying to out-bid each other and potential sellers are sitting tight because, as buyers, they are having the same problems trying to find something to buy.  Real estate agents are working twice as hard showing buyers many properties only to lose one deal after another.  First-time buyers are finding it very difficult to get into the housing market so they are turning to entry level condominiums which, in turn, are becoming difficult to find.

My brother recently had a successful heart valve replacement and he is “on the mend”.  He won’t likely catch up to the number of body parts I’ve had replaced, but a heart valve is pretty key to living a longer life!

Such is life in the nation’s capital!