Just Bitchin’ – Living with 3 cats

My guests go home carrying with them a pound or so of cat hair.

Territorial scuffles pop up several times a week.

My Dyson vac gets a regular workout and proves its worth over and over again!

Somebody (??) upchucks at least once a week – and almost always on carpet vs the hardwood or tile!

Another somebody loves to play in the water dishes – and is particularly adept at moving the water to the floor with his paws!

The kitties ignore visitors who love them and reap havoc on those who would prefer they kept their distance.

They aren’t really disobedient – they simply have their own agenda!

Would I give them up?  Not a chance!

Theywelcome me at the door when I’ve been out.

They make me laugh far more often than they make me crazy!

They provide great company and don’t need to be walked in freezing rain or ice storms.



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