Love my I-Pad

I am so lucky!  Last week I was gifted with an  I-Pad……now that’s the way to make a person feel REALLY appreciated!

I have always said that old dogs CAN be taught new tricks – but as each year goes by, it takes longer and longer for things to “sink in” to the old noggin.  My favourite techie (Steve) just assumes if he tells me once, it is forever remembered.  Not quite.  Usually I have  to keep crib notes – visual is always better.  I just have to remember where I put them!

This world of the tablet includes a whole new language……”apps” is my favourite – it even has a store for shopping!!  Now that I know how to do!  Another cool one (and it’s free)  is called “AroundMe”.  Somehow this little “app” knows exactly where you are and finds all of the things of interest around you – bars, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.  Can’t wait to try this one out when I’m not at home!!

Thank you Kris!!


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