Update on the Painting Project & What’s Next

I just realized that I left you hanging about my paint colour.

Alpaca went on one wall – two coats – and was left to dry while the rest of the main level was being sanded, patched and readied for painting.  IT WORKED!!

I’m not quite sure how to describe it – it is soft taupe with a hint of grey – absolutely no pink or yellow undertones (YEAHHHH!!!) and it suits my decor very well.  It looks very different on the actual walls than it does on the little colour strip you pick up at the paint store and, yes – it looks different in different rooms and under different lighting conditions.  I’m happy with it and that’s the main thing.

On to the next project – landscaping the grass right out of my front, side and back yards!!!  I’m going to cash in my future and do some sort of combination of shrub and perennial gardens with dark mulch, riverstone and artificial grass.  Yes – fake grass.  I have HAD IT with grubs, skunks digging for grubs, cinch bug, and weeds of every variety.  With the “no chemcals” rule – you just can’t win.

Take a peek at www.perfectturfgrass.ca or at www.synlawn.ca.  It even has little brown bits and thatch in it – so very real looking – and feeling.  Expensive though – thus the landscaping to reduce the amount of “grass”.  I’ll keep you posted on this one.  Waiting (waiting forever) for a couple of designs and estimates.  I’m hoping this will pay for itself in 6-8 years and it is warranteed for 10!




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