LCBO Votes to Strike

We are lucky here in Ottawa.  If our source of wine is turned off, we can always slink across the bridge to La Belle Province and stock up – and likely with better choices and better prices!!

Workers in the LCBO want more money.  SAY WHAT?  They already earn, from what I read, more than just about any other retail job on the planet.  What is so special about putting a bottle in a bag, or stocking shelves?  What is unique about these retail workers  is that they are provincial government employees…….and, therein lies the problem.  Back to the trough – but – the trough is US!!

Let’s privatize this monster for once and for all.  I know it is a profit maker for an already strapped provincial government – but I’d rather have some competition in this arena than it be used as a source of tax revenue.  It must, however, be privatized without a myriad of government rules and added taxes (I must be dreaming!!).

At the very least, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pick up the bottle of wine for dinner along with the groceries you are purchasing to make the meal!!

I think I’ll make an LCBO run while I can!!



One thought on “LCBO Votes to Strike

  1. It is my understanding that they have just started negotiations and are already voting to strike. This just opens the debate for privatization; the one thing the workers don’t want. They have never gone on strike so it is just an empty threat.
    As you know, I do enjoy my booze; however, liquor is up there with cigarettes in health risks, Yet, the LCBO has a marketing department which is allowed to advertise with their fancy stores with their coolers, shiny magazines, promotional gift packages, etc. It would be one thing if they were marketing only Ontario liquor and wine but it is for the sole purpose of selling liquor.
    Privatize the industry. Put the marketing back with the industry and not the provincial government. That should save the government some money.

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