Just Bitchin’ – It’s been a while….

Large gap in posts – sorry about that!  I came down with a very nasty cold bug…..much better now though.

I couldn’t help myself – I watched the Sens first hockey game yesterday afternoon.  They got off to a rocky start, but thanks to good goal-tending, we won our first game!!!  I’m still angry – mostly at the players – for the loss of half of the season so I probably won’t spend my money at the arena this year.

Much of what is still spinning around in the news is “old news” in my rants or in my raves – nothing has changed when it comes to “garbage” or “healthcare” or “Quebec” or “bilingualism”  or “unions” but now we have “Idle no More”.

Idle no More – because they are sitting on railway tracks or on Parliament Hill!!!  How much of my tax dollars has gone to first nations people?  What have they done – or are they doing – to help themselves?  They get my money and don’t feel a need to account for how they spent it???  There is something very wrong with this picture.  This one will get ugly before it gets any better.

Man – another thing – our long awaited trip with Collette Vacations to Provence, Monaco and Tuscay in May got cancelled – not enough people signed up.  Back to the drawing board.  We may have found something similar with SeniorTours – more research needed before making any decisions.

The snow just stopped and the sun has come out.  All is well (for now).


One thought on “Just Bitchin’ – It’s been a while….

  1. Hi Sue, I am in total agreement with you on “idle No More”. They sure aren’t getting any sympathy for me. They are only making matters worse.

    Sorry to hear that your trip has been cancelled. I know how much you have been looking forward to it.

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