Happy 2013

Seems like eons since I last posted anything – but it hasn’t really been that long.

I’m so glad the “happy holiday” season is over.  I may try to escape it all next year by running away somewhere…..maybe even completely by myself!

Christmas decorations are now down, outside Christmas lights turned off and that’s it for another year.  I managed to come down with my annual nasty chesty viral cold last week – and in spite of laying low since last Thursday, it isn’t getting any better.  I can usually count on 10 days of misery with these darned things.

On the brighter side – I am going out today (to share my germs) to see Billy Elliot at the NAC – tickets have been purchased for months now – so I’m not going to miss this.  I’m going armed with kleenex and cough lozenges – and of course, it’s snowing AGAIN.   I hope I’m past the stage of sharing this bug with my friends.

I wish all my friends and family nothing but the best for 2013.




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