Just Bitchin’ – What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Members of Parliament are paid by us, the public.  Why then are they charging us, the public, for speaking engagements?  If this isn’t a solid case of double-dipping, I don’t know what is.  What’s wrong with this picture?????

How is it that union negotiators or salary arbitrators aren’t given (or don’t need to care about) any facts relating to monies available?  What good does it do to come up with a wage decision that is completely unaffordable?  How often does anyone think they can “go back to the well” (the well being you and me) for more?  What’s wrong with this picture??????

How is it that Bilingualism is alive and well (not to mention extremely costly) everywhere in Canada EXCEPT FOR QUEBEC??? Was it not, in large part, introduced to give francophones – the greatest number of whom live in la belle province – access to services in their mother language?  What’s wrong with this picture??????

Health care expenses are on the rise yet services are being reduced.  Being proactive is slowly becoming a think of the past.  If it isn’t affordable to be proactive, how on earth will we ever pay for the major downstream problems?  What’s wrong with this picture?????

Speaking of Health Care – we continue to be told that there is only one-tier medicine in every province (except Quebec).  How is it then that Jason Spezza had immediate access to an MRI and back surgery to relieve disc issues?  Is it possible that the Senators PAID for this???  What tier would that be??  What’s wrong with this picture????

Many native Canadians spent days and days – and in some cases weeks and weeks – picketing or sitting in a teepee, being basically IDLE……….in support of an IDLE NO MORE movement.  What’s wrong with this picture?????

Across the river (in Gatineau), garbage is collected in one bunch – no need to separate out your leavings into green, black, blue and other bins.  It is done, somehow, after the fact (and probably with a higher success rate at that).  Here, we are asked to separate our garbage – yet several times now, I have seen ONE truck picking up both Green and Blue/Black bin contents.  What’s wrong with this picture??????

I invite you all to add to this list – send me your examples and I’ll add them to my blog!  I’m sure I have only scratched the surface.



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