Just Bitchin’ – Nothing Better than Planning a Holiday

Sometimes I think the planning and research is almost as much fun as the holiday itself – at least for me it is.

Just a few months away now from a fabulous holiday on the French and Italian Rivieras (no less).

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  Our original vacation package was cancelled – not enough people signed up – so our money was returned and it was back to the drawing board.  As luck would have it, we found something even better without spending more money!!  We will be spending 6 nights in Nice, 1 night in Genoa and 5 nights in Viareggio.  The itinerary is packed with lots of day trips – but how lovely to be coming back to the same hotel for multiple nights in a row.  I’m pretty much beyond the point of trying to pack up and move on every morning……at least not when it’s on somebody else’s schedule.

While in Nice, we tour St. Tropez, Grasse, Eze, and so many other beautiful places.

En route to Genoa from Nice, we will tour Monaco and Monte Carlo (we may even take the public bus from Nice – 25 minutes – to lose a few euros in the casino and oogle some spectacular yachts).

When we travel from Genoa to Viareggio, we will spend most of a day in Cinque Terre, walking between Riomaggiore and Manarola, then going by boat between Manarola and Vernazza and finally by train from Vernazza to Monterrosso del Mare – seeing 4 of the 5 quaint and breathtakingly beautiful little villages that make up this special place.  We will have covered all of the permitted modes of transportation – hiking, sailing and train – no cars allowed.

Then  5 nights on the ocean – and I mean right on the ocean – in Viareggio,Tuscany, with side trips to Florence, Pisa, Sienna and Chianti.

It all sounds absolutely wonderful.  So – now we’re pouring over information on what we might do with leisure time, looking at galleries of pictures, saving our money, practicing our wine drinking, making lists of our lists and enjoying every minute of it.



One thought on “Just Bitchin’ – Nothing Better than Planning a Holiday

  1. Hi Sue: So glad you’ve found such a wonderful holiday package. Not sure yet what we’re doing, but nothing so grand as you and your friends. You’re going to love the Riverias – was there many years ago and the mere mention of them brings back such wonderful memories. My letter to the Citizen was accepted but not printed (which didn’t surprise me) however, I did enjoy ranting……might just do it again sometime.. Looking forward to better weather, altho we shouldn’t complain given the horrible weather in some of the southern states. Gail

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