Just Bitchin’ – Looking for the Positives

My “blogging mentor” (and website designer/developer extraordinaire) told me that I should balance my blogs so that people don’t get tired of listening to me rant and whine all the time.

Here is my attempt to find something positive in the things that are irritating me these days:

  1. No NHL hockey:  I’m certainly watching less television and that probably means I’m saving money on hearing aid batteries!
  2. Basic Garbage moving to Bi-Weekly Pickup: I won’t have to lug the garbage can to the curb every week and I won’t have to chase it down on windy days as often!
  3. Dalton McGuinty Resigns:  YEAHHHHHHH!  Break out the champagne!  This one is long overdue.
  4. Dalton McGuinty Prorogues Parliament:  While this one really irritates the heck out of me – I suppose the good news is that there won’t be a Dalton copy-cat interim leader simply carrying on the party line insanity.
  5. Graham Fraser is unhappy about the level of bilingual services offered in Ottawa. I’m so tired of the whole bilingual thing – and I’m even more tired of paying for it!  Let’s scrap the program and save a bundle!
  6. LRT Price Tag going UP UP UP:  At the rate this City Council moves on major programs – I’m guessing I’ll be long past taking public transportation by the time this one is up and running!

What do you think?




2 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Looking for the Positives

  1. Sue, I never get tired of your blogs. I was just thinking earlier today that you had not written anything lately. Anyway, I agree with your comments. You hit the nail on the head with all 6 items especially item 3.

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