Just Bitchin’ – Getting Involved

When is the last time you called or wrote to your City Councillor or the Mayor?  Your MPP?  Your MP?  Do you even know who they are?

So many of us have opinions on all sorts of things and we freely express them to our friends and neighbours – but just what do you think these friends or neighbours can or will do about any of it?  Wouldn’t it be more productive to provide your thoughts and input to the people who are in a position to do something?  You voted for them to represent you – they can’t do that if they are left trying to be mind-readers – or worse – to hear input from only the tree-hugger types who adopt “a cause” just for sake of having “a cause”.

GET INVOLVED!  I call it EARNING THE RIGHT TO WHINE!  Just think – you could actually make a difference!!  Contacting any of these people is easy by email.  Know that your input IS important and your opinions ARE valid.  Make them heard!!


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