Just Bitchin’ – My Take on Stuff from Today’s Ottawa Sun

Casino for Ottawa: Let’s start with the frenzy going on about a new casino for our fair city.  It seems that the OLG will insist on ONLY ONE casino in Ottawa and it will likely be where they want it to be (aka Downtown).  Calgary has multiple casinos – a smaller city in population than Ottawa.  Edmonton has multiple casinos – a smaller population than Ottawa.  Winnipeg has multiple casinos – again a smaller population than Ottawa – so what on earth is going on here?  The rumors that Dalton McGuinty has made some sort of deal with a large casino conglomerate who is insisting on no competition might just be true – otherwise this “one casino for Ottawa” scenario makes absolutely no sense at all.  Why not leave Rideau Carleton Raceway just the way it is????  Harness Racing – although not my favourite way to spend my money – has been a part of this city for as long as I can remember and Rideau Carleton appears to be a very profitable and very Canadian company.  It is a money maker for both the City and the Province and employees a large number of people – all tax payers!!   Build another casino if the powers that be want another casino.  I have no doubt there is room for both.

NHL Lockout:  I read this morning that BMO Capital Markets economist Doug Porter said the NHL strike is likely to take a $1.8 billion cut out of our (Canadian) gross domestic product this year.  WHAT????

High-Speed Longboards (i.e. skateboards meant for getting from a to b vs doing tricks):  If we aren’t careful, there will be another special commuter lane on Laurier Avenue – for longboards!  Where do they fit?  On the sidewalks?  On the roads?  In the bike lanes?  Maybe we should insist on brake lights and turn signals on these boards!!  OMG – then what about little old ladies using walkers, electric wheelchairs, strollers, etc.  Are we really having conversations about this sort of stuff????


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