Just Bitchin’ – Will Lawns Become Ancient History?

I look around my neighbourhood and see one or two velvet-green beautiful lawns.  The rest of us have either given up entirely, replacing the grass with stones, mulch, gardens or some combination of same – or we are struggling to repair the damage done by heat, lack of rain and most of all GRUBS AND CINCH BUG infestations.

Having just done the latter myself – thanks to the assistance of 2 strong young men – lots of raking and then 24 bags of soil mix and a large bag of grass seed, I wonder if it is all worthwhile.  Watering twice daily, watching for any sign of new life – and it may all be for naught if next summer is even remotely similar to the one just past.

Are lawns soon to be ancient history?  With appropriate chemicals now outlawed, our lawns don’t stand much chance against the various insects and crawly things (nematodes appear to be only 40% effective at best) that are becoming more and more invasive….not to mention the damage created by skunks, crows and raccoons digging to feed on the nasty little things.

But what are the options?  Garden cloth, riverstone or pea gravel with the odd shrub here and there for greenery is one option.  I find this looks “hot” and “dry” – and you still have to be ever watchful for weeds.  Replacing the lawn with gardens and mulch is another option – but the word garden suggests “work” to me with too much weeding, pruning, dividing, and transplanting, involved.  Should I spend the money on an irrigation system (and then on the resulting water bills) to help with the struggle to keep my lawns looking decent?  Is that really a guarantee?  Could it end up being money down the drain?

In my dreams, I would win a significant lottery and then I’d have some attractive landscaping done including the  installation of the highest grade available of SYNLAWN –  a synthetic grass made especially for residential lawns.  No more mowing, no more weeding, no more watering, no more fertilizing, no more de-thatching, no more aeration!  My front, back and side yard would always look PERFECT.  I’d be the talk of the neighbourhood.  Crowds would flock to gaze at this wondrous creation.  Well – maybe now I’m getting a little carried away but you get the idea.  The chances, however, of a lottery win to fund this pricey dream are pretty remote…..and even options 1 and 2 are not inexpensive!

What are you doing with your lawns?  Any suggestions?



One thought on “Just Bitchin’ – Will Lawns Become Ancient History?

  1. I hear you Sue. The skunks have had a party on our front lawn the last couple of nights. Bill did a great job taking care of the lawn yet we still ended up with grubs. We are just going to hold on until the Spring and see how much lawn we have to replace. Like you if we won a lottery we would put synthetic grass down.

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