Just Bitchin’ – Finances at City Hall

Why should everyone think they’ve done a good job to hold a wage increase to +2%?  I absolute HATE that our mayor, Jim Watson,  has set an expectation that anything at or under 2.5% per year is absolutly OK.  My pension certainly doesn’t go up 2% per year – in fact, my pension doesn’t go up at all…..EVER!  I lose ground each and every year that everything around me goes up, and up, and up!

With the size of municipal staff we have in our city (approx 17,000) – why is there a constant need to go “outside” to find experts?  Are we not hiring people with the right skills in the first place?

Why does our group of Councillors find it  easy to spend days discussing the small things, but doesn’t give the same attention to the major items on the table?  Could it be that the small things are much easier to deal with?

Can we really afford some of the large-ticket items currently making the news (e.g. LRT).???

Does anyone have comments on any of this?  I’d love to hear them!


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