Just Bitchin’ – My Neighbourhood

I think this is the third in a series of why I am so lucky!

I live in the best  neighbourhood one could hope to live in – and it was all an accident.  Bad hips and knees forced me to looks for a place to live without lots of stairs.  I fell in love with a semi-detached bungalow down the street from my former townhome and acquired with it, an entire lifestyle, great neighbours and new friends.

I live on a court.  There are 50 semi-detached adult-lifestyle bungalows and just over 90 friendly and caring people.  When weather is decent, and folks are no longer in winter hibernation, one can walk around the court in a few minutes…..or a few hours, depending on how often you stop to chat.  Need help?  There is no end to the offers ! Need a ride somewhere?  Same thing.   Need a recommended service provider?  Somebody will know of a good one.    Going away?  There are many who will keep an eye on things, notice strangers hovering, feed the cats, etc.  Feel like a party?  Not a problem – and you don’t have to drive anywhere….although raucus behaviour does get noted!!

I can’t think of a better place to be at this stage in my life (retired and loving it!)!  I am very lucky!!


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