Just Bitchin’ – Favourite Restaurants

There is nothing like enjoying a good meal at a favourite restaurant – and there are a few on my list.

Today I had lunch with friends at BRIGADOON – a lovely restaurant with fabulous food located in Oxford Mills.  It is well worth the drive.  And here’s a tip:   You don’t have to go to The Empress in Victoria  to enjoy afternoon tea – Brigadoon offers the whole 9 yards, including little sandwiches and mini cream puffs, scones with preserves and devon cream, custard tarts with fresh fruit – is your mouth watering yet? The house was built in 1853 and the owners have gone to great care to preserve original fixtures and the Victorian ambiance.  The menus for lunch and for dinner will leave you torn when trying to make a decision.

What else is on my list of favourites?

THE LONE STAR always makes my list.  I’ve had fajitas in Dallas, I’ve had fajitas in San Antonio – but nowhere do they make better fajitas than our very own Lone Star restaurants.  Of course many other things are on the menu – I just don’t usually get around to them.  Give me a platter of fajitas and a pitcher of sangria and I’m a happy camper.  Word to the wise:  it may take a few days to get the mesquite smell out of your clothes – so best to leave jackets in the car!!

It may be more because Tuesdays are half-price wine nights (ya think???)  – or because there is a great round corner table that will seat a group of 8 to 9 people than because of the actual food (which is fine but not fantastic) – but MOXIES at Kanata Centrum is a great place to go – on a Tuesday night – with a group of friends who like wine.

If you don’t mind the noise level, POCO PAZZO makes the list of dining establishments with wonderful food.  They now have two locations – one at Hazeldean Road and Stittsville Main and another on March Rd in the new Sobey’s plaza.  The jumbo shells filled with a veal mixture and topped with gorgonzola sauce is one of my favourites – never on the menu – but often one of the “specials”.  I’ve never had anything other than a great meal in either location.

So – let’s dress it down a bit and get more casual.  THE WORKS makes a mean burger – if you can wend your way through the menu and the 50+ burger options on it.   The “Tower of Rings” is an absolute must – there aren’t better onion rings ANYWHERE!  But unless you are really really hungry, be prepared to share – it’s a lot of food!!

Fish and Chips brings two restaurants to mind:  LAPOINTE’S and THE GLEN.  Lapointe’s (in Kanata and Bells Corners) has provided fresh fish to Ottawa folk for years and years – the first shop being on the Byward Market.  Fish is fresh, batter is light and the ff’s are like real chip wagon fries. The zucchini appetizer is absolutely yummy – but huge – so it’s another dish to share with a friend.   The Glen is a Scottish restaurant in the same plaza as Poco Pazzo – and features all sorts of scottish delights (food as well as drink), including a great fish and chips plate.  The Glen did a Robbie Burns night complete with scotch tasting this year – an event I would be happy to make an annual booking in my calendar.

If it’s something spicy you are looking for – I would recommend HOST INDIA on Montreal Road.  They offer a lunch and supper buffet with an absolutely amazing Butter Chicken.  The buffet isn’t large, but the food is excellent.

For Chinese, I return, year after year to MAPLE COURT on Kakulu.  The egg rolls are almost as good as those at the Golden Palace and it’s closer to home!!  They offer a small (but yummy) buffet Wednesday through Sunday evenings.  The family has managed this little place since 1983 so they must be doing something right.

JACK ASTOR’S makes the very best chicken caesar salad ever – they add real bacon bits, fresh parmeson and likely thousands of calories in the salad dressing – but it works.

When it comes to breakfast – there are a few that pass the test:  CORA’S and PERKINS immediately come to mind.  And then, for sheer location and view, try CONSTANCE LAKE LODGE – a 1930’s float-plane base right on the lake!

I could go on and on – but I’m making myself hungry.  I have, no doubt, missed several that should be included here.

What are your favourite places to eat……and why?  Let’s share information!!






3 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Favourite Restaurants

  1. The Gabriel’s at the Towngate Mall, Bank at Hunt Club has the best chef going and his food is absolutely super. Not only for the pizza but for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The prices are also very agreeable! Sue, you would love the brekkies!

    Also Kallistos Greek restaurant in Blossom Park Plaza is excellent – portions while large, are excellent and the service always good.


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