Just Bitchin’ – What to Blog About?

There are times when I sit with my morning coffee, reading the newspaper… and I have a significant reaction to something I’m reading.  More often than not, these reactions tend to lend themselves to “rants”.  Here are some examples:

I have trouble believing what I’m reading when I “hear” things like the current liberal proposal to put a 2-year freeze on teachers’ wages.  What in the heck do these folks think is going to happen at the end of year two?  Do you think teachers just might expect to “get caught up on missed increases”????????? DUHHHHH!  Bandaids, bandaids, and more bandaids!

….and why should teachers give up what they believe are their “rights” when federal public sector workers get PAID to retire!……they don’t just get a darned decent pension – they get “termination pay”…….FOR RETIRING!  As a former private sector worker, this just makes no sense at all – and it’s coming out of my pocket!!

I get upset when I read just about anything that comes out of our City Council (unless it comes from Allan Hubley – one sane voice among the bunch)……the “spin” is managed to an extent that it is laughable.  Susan Sherring should run for mayor in the next civic election!!

I get upset when the federal folks think it is just fine to provide EI payments to people who are working – do you suppose this could encourage folks to settle for part-time or ad-hoc work?  Maybe??  At the risk of upsetting a lot of people, I get upset at the idea that women on maternity leave can collect EI.  Isn’t it supposed to be applied to those “eligible for work”?  Why am I funding somebody’s choice to have a child?

I could be ranting about the very hot and very dry summer – the brown lawns, the potential impact on produce prices, etc – and I’m just as likely, 6 months from now, to be ranting about the very cold, snowy winter!

So – there is no end to the number of topics to rant about.

When it comes to the more positive stuff, human nature is such that we do tend to whine and complain more often than we compliment and rave about things.  It’s easier!  The negative stuff is in our face – in the newspapers, on TV and radio.

If, however,  I take the time to think about it – there are just as many things to rave about.

Turn on the TV and watch the excellent Olympic coverage.  What a celebration of mostly young athletes and their skills from all over the world! Finally – something that isn’t a typical reality show or cops and robbers, blood and guts.

Alfie is coming back!  I knew I was doing the right thing when I had Alfredsson and #11 put on my “vintage” style Ottawa Senators hockey jersey last year!  ….and there’s less than 2 months to go until hockey season starts up again!  Can’t wait!  This also means decent stuff to watch on television and the excitement of actually going to a game or two.

There is always another restaurant to be tested……trip to plan……bridge game to be played…..neighbourhood gathering to be enjoyed…..LIFE IS GOOD!

So – I rant…..or I rave……or I babble on about whatever turns my crank!!  It’s cathartic.  You should try it!







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