Just Bitchin’ – Dream List

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you won a sizeable chunk of cash?…..not one of those gazillion million dollar lotteries – but something in the, say, $250,000 range?  I doodle these “wish lists” often – maybe dreaming about things will help them to happen!!!

Given the state of our lawns this summer, one of my dream items keeps rising to the top of my wish list.  SYNLAWN!!  Take a peek at their website (www.synlawn.ca) .  Artificial grass has come a long way, Baby!  Imagine never having to water your lawn again other than to dust it off/hose it down twice a year.  Imagine never having to worry about grub or cinch bug infestations.  Imagine no need to mow…..or weed…..or topdress……or any of that stuff.  I haven’t fully investigated the cost of this stuff – but it appears to be in the $15-$20 per square foot range, installed.  No wonder it’s on the dream list!  I tell my neighbours that we would all have Synlawn if I won a really big lottery!

Here’s another “given the state of item”……my walls – construction grade paint on all of them – you know the kind – you wipe it ever-so-gently and it still leaves a shiny mark that is there for good – so a complete paint job, including ceilings (which I don’t think have ever had paint on them) is also on my list!  I figure that is likely to cost in the neighbourhood of $6,500 or maybe more.  Everything goes up except for my pension!!  I know this item will eventually move from the wish list to the “must do” list but I’ve been holding it at bay in order to squeeze in some travel.

Speaking of travel – there will always be at least one or six major trips on the wish list……Hawaii/Tahiti, The Baltic, any part of Italy, Newfoundland and a plethora of  river cruises in no particular order of priority other than I had better do them while I am still physically able!!  The Far East and/or Africa would be lovely but I’m not sure I would survive the lengthy plane trips.  Our group of 8 ladies had such a wonderful time last fall on The Legendary Danube with AMA Waterways.  We all decided that river cruises offered a very special cruise environment and one we all thoroughly enjoyed.  A related wish is that my wonderful cat-sitter continues to be available to look after my feline family to allow me to travel without worrying about them!  A direct flight between Ottawa and Orlando (my eldest nephew and his family have just moved there) would also be fantastic!!

More for the house – anyone who owns property knows that this list never gets smaller…….hardwood floors for the bedrooms on the main level to replace the already cat-worn carpets……maybe even some sort of warm-on-the-feet and easy-to-clean flooring for the lower level, quartz counters for the kitchen (should have done that when I bought the house but the upgrades just seemed to pile up so quickly)……..a BIG-screen TV for the rec room to watch Senators’  hockey games on…..a 3-season porch like I had in my last house, light fixtures to replace the Tamarack (or should I say Tackyack) ones…..comfortable dining room chairs so dinner guests don’t start to squirm before dessert is served….

And  for me…….a reserve fund for my next car so I won’t have to manage a car loan and payment……an IPad – maybe even an IPhone.  I could really push the envelope and wish for enough “extra” income to allow me to really retire!!  Be still my heart!  That won’t happen without one of those much larger lottery wins – so I won’t get greedy.

One more thing – a little something for family so that they can each enjoy a treat that has been on their dream list.

All gone.  That was too easy!  I’m off to buy a lottery ticket.   Wish me luck!





2 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Dream List

  1. If I were to get such a winfall, my first priority is paying off the house completely, and happily pay the penalty to do so. With the money saved from paying the mortgage I would then start the spending spree. 🙂

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