Just Bitchin’ – NHL Lockout

Just thinking about this – again.  My guess is most team owners purchase a hockey team as a tax write-off, never really intending to make much money from it.  I have no doubt that it is only the very wealthy who can think about owning an NHL team in the first place.

Given this – why would the owners care – even a little bit – about the teams actually playing games?  They are still the owners.  Some of them own the facilities as well so their tax write-off might even get larger if no games are played and no income rolls in!!

The older players – those who have amassed large fortunes playing the game – and/or those already planning to play hockey elsewhere for the season – why would they care?  Many of them no longer depend on playing hockey for a living – they own other businesses, have investments, etc.   It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that they even have insurance of some sort against a lockout! The young players entering their first or second year in the NHL are probably not very happy with the situation – but they aren’t in a position to influence anything or anyone.

So – I think I have just established that, for the most part, neither owners nor players give a damn.  The fans care – and the folk whose jobs depend on games being played care – but those with influence – or the ability to change things – obviously don’t care about fans or spin-off jobs.  Bettman still draws his $8M salary.  The Bettman Bobbleheads go about their many other business interests – and NHL hockey takes a direct hit.

I’m about to kiss the season good-bye and I wonder what on earth I will watch on TV all winter!!


One thought on “Just Bitchin’ – NHL Lockout

  1. You make a good point. Why would they really care? I haven’t been into hockey since they started the expansion in 1967-68. Before that I knew the names of all the players.
    You can always watch curling with me, Sue.

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