Just Bitchin’ – Christmas

Yesterday, I started to blog about how Christmas really makes me feel but it was far too depressing to publish and not at all fair to my blog-friends to post such a thing at this time of year.

Instead, I’m putting on my happy face and wishing all of my blog-followers a very Merry Christmas!  I hope that Santa brings each of you exactly what you dreamed for, that your tummies are filled with yummy turkey and Christmas treats and that you come and go safely from your Christmas celebrations.


Suehappy holidays - 3


3 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Christmas

  1. Christmas is not a happy time for a lot of people. The grandchildren give it meaning and purpose for many of us. We won the lottery being born in Canada and we really don’t need for anything. Relax and enjoy. It is just another day really.
    Merry Christmas, Sue.

  2. Hi Sue!   It appears to me that we were both much younger women when we last met….  we WILL have lunch together in January!   Have a very merry Christmas and may 2013 be a banner year for all.   Love you lots   Jeannette


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