My Latest Project

After a week (spread out over two) of hard work, my landscaping project is now complete and I LOVE IT!!

Not only does it look absolutely amazing, the only maintenance that I will ever have to do is to water my gardens and hose off the lawns in the spring after the snow has melted.  No more mowing (or paying for mowing).  No more fertilizing.  No more weeding (or paying for weeding).  No more nasty water bills.  No more grubs.  No more cinch bug.  Far fewer mosquitos.  No more angst that my lawn isn’t living up to the neighbourhood standards!!

Front Yard

Front Yard



Side Yard

Side Yard


I am so happy – and so lucky.  Pete Azzie and his team were absolutely THE BEST!  For those who are curious – it is EZ-Grass!  It looks and feels very real (it even has thatch in it).  Who could ask for more????



6 thoughts on “My Latest Project

  1. The grass is indeed greener on the other side! Glad to hear that you are so very happy with the result . Love J

  2. I am thinking of having our backyard done by Pete Azzie. Did you have any problems with the grass after he laid it or with his work or followup for any problems with the job?? Julie

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