The Joys (and otherwise) of Pet Ownership

As most of you know, I have 3 cats – Olivia (13 and about 9 lbs), Herbie (7 and about 11 lbs) and Blaze (7 and about 23 lbs).

Since Sunday, Olivia and Herbie have refused to eat.  Blaze is eating a bit – but isn’t his usual little piggy self, gulping down his food and then trying to steal everything else.  He eats half his own food and that’s it.

First I tried different cat foods, wondering if the food I had was somehow bad.  Nothing.

First trip to the vet was Tuesday morning……with Olivia and Herbie.  It is so difficult to lug Blaze anywhere, that I always start with the little guys.  They were both checked over to the tune of $304.00 and nothing was found that would relate to their refusal to eat.  The vet did find a problem with one of Herbie’s teeth – extraction required – estimate a further $1,000.

This morning they were all 3 waiting for me to get up, kept me company in the bathroom while I had my shower and then raced into the kitchen for breakfast.  AHA, I thought – all is back to normal.  But no.  Blaze ate a bit and the other 2 walked away from their food.

Second trip the vet at 10am this morning.  Another vet (their usual one) checked them both out and found nothing out of the ordinary.  Blood taken from both and a wide variety of tests will be run.  Today’s bill was $567.00.  I may or may not have the results before the weekend.

So, I am up to a cost of $871 with a further $1,000 needing to be done – and they still aren’t eating.  The vet suggested I take all food away and give them nothing until suppertime and then try the usual wet food that they like.  In fact most mornings there is a cacaphony of meows as I dish it out.  This is all very stressful, not to mention expensive – and expenses I wasn’t planning on.

I sent an email to my financial guy asking for more RRSP money to be cashed in.

I am scheduled to go on vacation May 9th – I do have a live-in cat sitter – but I hate to leave unless things are settled.  Hopefully the blood tests will show up something that can be treated.

The only thing that is different in the house is my switch from a hot water tank to a tankless hot water system – and that took place late in March.  I have asked Reliance Holmes Heating to come and do an air quality test and to double-check the installation.  I have no idea what that will cost.

I absolutely have to find something to rave about soon – I’m over my rant quota for the month!!




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