I am So Disappointed

I had to give it a few days to let things sink in before commenting on our recent provincial election.

It is hard to believe that people are so selfish that they are driven by promises that relate to  job security, and higher wages – even at the cost of the province going bankrupt!

The financial situation of Ontario is not just something talked about by the opposition parties – the province has already been downgraded at least once in terms of it’s ability to borrow money – and we can expect another downgrade shortly. Our own auditor general has made many recommendations to get our finances back on track – mostly all ignored.

We have become a “have-not” province, subsidized by provinces like Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Alberta when dealing with Federal transfer payments.

We have very high unemployment.

We have extremely high debt.

We have a situation where UNIONS are spending as much or more money than the provincial parties themselves on promoting (or dissing) one party over another.  What will happen when these very unions call in what they feel is owed to them by the provincial leader for providing such support?

We have two criminal investigations ongoing about the behaviour of the Liberal Party.

We have scandal after scandal after scandal relating to eHealth, ORNGE, Gas Plants, destroyed emails and more – most of which will now be swept under the carpet.

Ontarians have spoken.  They like this stuff.

They like debt.  They love spending – even if you don’t have the money.

They like dishonest politicians.

They are happy with high unemployment statistics.

They like having the Unions run the show.

They like being subsidized by other provinces.




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