The Beautiful Rhine

Now that I’ve ranted about the travel part of our trip – I can leave the negatives behind and talk about the good things.

Our ship – the MS Gerard Schmitter – was very nice – part of the CroisiEurope fleet of river boats – a french company.  It was built in 2012 with 87 cabins and a capacity for 174 passengers.  It sure seemed to be completely booked!  The cabins were small but completely functional.  We were all on the top deck (one below the sun deck) so we had french balconies.  Unfortunately it was so cold and windy, opening the patio doors was NOT going to happen – at least not for any longer than was needed to bring a blast of fresh air into the cabin.

IMG_1660 IMG_1694 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1725 IMG_1726 IMG_1767

Breakfast was always buffet style and our group got into the habit of boiling eggs rather than trying to eat what passed for scrambled eggs and bacon.   One had to hook your egg onto a coloured gadget (then you had to remember which colour was yours), and time it, hoping it wouldn’t fall of into the tub of boiling, or almost-boiling water.  We got pretty good at this.  There was lots of choice – cereals, croissants, fruit, yogurt, etc. etc.

Lunch was always a formal 4-course meal as was dinner.  We usually had some options for the dinner entree.  There was never a shortage of food – in fact, it was usually way too much food – but always french, always delicious and beautifully served.  Wine flowed at lunch and then starting with happy hour in a small lounge at the rear of the ship, continued through dinner.  There were even some non-wine options included – beer, rum, scotch, etc.  Premium drinks such as single malt scotch or grand marnier were at your own cost – but there was more than enough alcohol !! If you were still interested in more – post-dinner drinks were also provided!

IMG_1661 IMG_1665 IMG_1670 IMG_1671 IMG_1695 IMG_1709 IMG_1710 IMG_1720 IMG_1722 IMG_1723 IMG_1724 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875 IMG_1880

Everything about Europe is so full of history!  Buildings are older than we can imagine and towns full of cobblestone and fascinating architecture.  Bicycles are the main mode of transportation and they were EVERYWHERE!  They seem to have the right of way no matter what so you had to take care not to get run over by one!  We had a few days in Amsterdam and area including a canal tour (beautiful city, full of life), a tour of Volendam – pretty little fishing village including a cheese factory visit and windmills.  I completely missed Arnhem due to a nasty tummy bug that flattened me – I slept for 36 hours straight! Then it was on to Cologne where we sampled some lovely local beer, followed by lots and lots of vineyards and castles and the Rock of Loreley on the section of the river called The Romantic Rhine.  In Rudesheim we had a tour by sightseeing train, and then a visit to a local winery with tasting (of course) – and a visit to a very unusual Music Museum.  We decided to stay in town rather than dine on the ship so we found a great German restaurant and had our fill of schnitzel etc.  We had been told we mustn’t miss the infamous Rudesheim Kaffee – so, of course, we sampled that too.  Our next stop was Heidelberg where we toured the Castle and the old town and then finally our last stop – Strasbourg where we had a city tour and a very unique farewell dinner in the Maison Kammerzell – a famous restaurant opened in 1427 where the rich and famous and the royal dine.  You can imagine our surprise when after a lovely pate, we were served pork hocks and scalloped potatoes!!!

IMG_1654 IMG_1674 IMG_1687 IMG_1689 IMG_1696 IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1706 IMG_1707 IMG_1732 IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1736 IMG_1743 IMG_1746 IMG_1752 IMG_1761 IMG_1765 IMG_1770 IMG_1788 IMG_1791 IMG_1803 IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1817 IMG_1820 IMG_1821 IMG_1823 IMG_1825 IMG_1826 IMG_1829 IMG_1832 IMG_1837 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1843 IMG_1844 IMG_1847 IMG_1851 IMG_1863 IMG_1884 IMG_1890 IMG_1897 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1906 IMG_1915 IMG_1916 IMG_1918 IMG_1921

We travelled well as a group – there were 11 of us in our little group of friends.  It was a busy 9 days without much down-time but that’s the nature of a “tour”.  You see a little bit of a lot of places but nothing in any great detail.  We did have some free time in a few stops which was great!  One says it gives you an overview and an idea of where you would like to return and spend time.  That’s a great theory if you are 30 and have oodles of time to re-visit the places you especially liked!!  For me, it was a lovely taste of many beautiful towns and cities and doing it on the water was perfect – there was always a great view.

We had good local tours, well informed local guides, a great Collette tour leader, fabulous food, comfortable beds, friendly staff on the ship, more alcohol than we could consume (another sign of our getting older) and enough castles to last a lifetime!

River cruises are lovely – casual and intimate when compared with large ship cruising.  But – this may end up being the last “tour” type of holiday I take.  The travel is difficult, and the tour pace faster than I like to (or am able to) go.  A “stay put” vacation is calling to me – not sure yet where the next one will take me!



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