Ottawa a Sanctuary City??

While it sounds lovely – I understand why Jim Watson doesn’t like the idea.  I don’t usually agree with our Mayor – but in this case, I do.

I’m not even sure about the “legal and fully processed” refugee program in terms of our capacity to deal with these people so I sure can’t see adding to this issue by welcoming illegal immigrants.

Why should we reward people who have broken the law?  If you try to cross the border where there is a border office, you won’t be permitted into the country without the right paperwork – but if you cross through the fields where there is no border office, our RCMP actually help you out?  What’s wrong with this picture??

We have huge waiting lists for low-rental housing – where would we “house” illegal immigrants?  Surely they shouldn’t jump the cue over those on the waiting list?

Our health care system is almost at the breaking point – how would we manage the addition of more people who aren’t paying their way?

Our social assistance programs are stressed to the max.  Where is the money going to come from to help these people? We can’t even manage a snow removal budget never mind find pots of excess financial resources just waiting to be given to a group of illegal immigrants.

I would assume that at least some of these illegal immigrants are trying to get out of the United States because the current President has promised to get rid of “the bad guys”.  Do we really want the bad guys in our country?  Don’t we already have enough of our own? Without due process, there is no way of checking criminal records, ability to work, or anything else about these individuals.

Sanctuary for REAL REFUGEES with a capital R – is one thing.  Harbouring runaways from south of the border is a whole different kettle of fish.  I certainly hope that sane heads prevail and the message continues to be NO – NOT FOR OTTAWA.



2 thoughts on “Ottawa a Sanctuary City??

  1. Sue: I can’t think of a single thing to add to your rant, I agreed totally with everything you have said.


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