Just Bitchin’ – Allan Hubley on Garbage Collection

I knew there was somebody at City Hall with some common sense to bring to the table.

In today’s Sun, Hubley suggests that City Staff take a look at costs/savings for a process where we dump all of our garbage, together, into however many containers we need weekly, we have one pick-up and then the City does the sorting into the various recyclables, landfill, etc.

For sure, if they do their job, we would very quickly achieve all targets in terms of landfill avoidance (something we are not even inching towards on our own).

Given fewer garbage trucks and fewer drivers, an ability to meet the commitments to green bin tonnage we are already paying for, and yes, some costs associated with sorting – it sounds like a win-win scenario to me.

I certainly hope this idea is given serious consideration.

Any thoughts?


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