Just Bitchin’ – Cattitude

I know….I know…..Cattitude is most definitely not a real word – but for anyone who has cats at home, it says it all!!

Take Herbie, for example

Where’s my Beer?

Who me?  I didn’t do anything!

I wonder what he is thinking?

Just hanging around!

Herbie is the one with the innocent face who usually instigates all of the scuffles and then watches the fireworks as they unfold!

or, for that matter – Blaze

 Such a stressful life!

Nobody will find me under here!

 This box is NOT too small!

What’s your point?

Blaze is the softie – the snuggler – and the eating machine.  I have to stand over them to make sure he only eats his own food and not everyone else’s while he’s at it!

and then there is the Grand Dame…..Olivia.  It isn’t as easy to get pictures of her – she’s camera shy – and she’s a dark colour!  She puts up with the boys – but just barely – and often puts them in their “rightful” place.  This elegant little chocolate brown lady can become a she-wolf when she wishes to show her “I was here first” cattitude.

Sun Bathing

 Ever watchful – where are those two brats?


 What’s not to love?

There are times I wonder about my sanity in having three cats – but then there are times I wonder about my sanity for all sorts of other reasons as well.  I don’t wonder for long ……as Blaze would say…..”What’s the Point?”

How could you not love these little critters????


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