Just Bitchin’ – Next trip planned – WOO HOO!

Just booked the next “big” trip – for 2013!

Heading to Provence, Monaco and Tuscany on what they call “a leisure tour” (by bus, but with multiple nights in each of 3 hotels).

I’m way beyond wanting to (or even being able to) pack my suitcase to have it outside the door at 6am each morning to move on to the next place!  This sounds lovely – and we get to train through (and eat lunch somewhere at) Cinque Terre on the northern part of the Italian Riviera – a place that has been on my wish list.  Our stays will be in Avignon, Monaco and Florence.  Doesn’t that sound darned near perfect……and with good friends too!!

WOO HOO!  Now to save the money!!!



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