Just Bitchin’ – Moving To Florida

My oldest nephew, his wife, 2 children, 3 cats and 1 very large dog are moving to the Orlando area of Florida from North Vancouver.

I’m very excited for them – this will be a family adventure.  They’re driving one of the cars (plus the dog) to get there!  I was curious enough to discover that this is at least 52 hours of non-stop driving.  I hope they are all speaking to one another when they arrive at their final destination.  I also hope they get to see a few of the spectacular sights along the way – there won’t be a lot of time for sight-seeing!!

The new home looks absolutely divine – complete with screened in lanai and swimming pool.  I’m hoping I can combine a visit (I haven’t been invited yet) with an item that has been on my bucket list longer than getting a tattoo was – swimming with dolphins.  Since the new home is probably within reach of Discovery Cove – I just might get this one crossed off the list before too many more years pass by.  A little bird told me that swimming with dolphins is a favourite of my great-niece so I might even have company!!

British Columbia’s loss will be Central Florida’s gain!!  Lots of luck with the move J&C!!

My 3 nephews will soon be spread all over the continent – one in Toronto, one in the Vancouver area and one near Orlando!  Wonder where family events will take place?


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