Just Bitchin’ – Happy Canada Day!

We are a country of nearly 33.5 million people.  Think about that.  It’s a big number!

We, apparently, rank 5th on the “world happiness report”.  Wonder what that means?  Are we only somewhat happy?  Who ranked first and how are they different from us?  Maybe a shorter winter – or maybe even no winter at all!!!  Maybe lower taxes?  Maybe fewer politicians?

Just under 15% of all Canadians are over the age of 65.  I am only speaking for myself of course – but I am mostly glad to be part of this group of “seniors”.  Granted, my income has shrunk considerably, my body has started to fall apart and there are days when I’m convinced my mind is keeping in lock step with my body – but ohhhhhh the benefits! – no more stress from a “must-do” job…….no more panty hose…..on most mornings, no more alarm clock…..no time restriction on lunches…..I can play bridge in the afternoons, no more Saturday grocery shopping……etc. etc.  We can’t change our age so we might as well find ways to enjoy it, right?

The average Canadian is expected to live to be 81.1 years old and there are 5,825 people living in Canada who are more than 100 years old!!  Wonder what their secrets are?  Are they the ones drinking the average 4L of beer, 1.9 L of wine and 2.1L of spirits a year?  Are they the ones drinking 2.8 cups of coffee each day?  Are they part of the 40% who have a favourable opinion of Don Cherry?   I’d like to know the answer to these questions.

The Canadian flag is proudly flying from my front porch and I will watch the celebrations on Parliament Hill from the air-conditionned comfort of my living room, feeling lucky…….very lucky……to be living in such a great country.


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