Just Bitchin’ – Traffic in Ottawa

I bet you thought this would be another “rant” about the supposed gridlock in Ottawa’s streets.  According to a recent report just released by TomTom – Ottawa ranks 10th out of 26 cities studied when it comes to traffic congestion.  Toronto was just ahead of us in 9th position.  That’s not good.

Our photo-opp happy Mayor – Jim Watson – as usual, has turned this news into an advertisement for LRT.  Everything is somebody else’s fault and he has all of the answers.  YAH……RIGHT……like segregated bike lanes on Laurier Ave!!  What’s next, Jim? Segregated bike lanes on the 417???  The first leg of the LRT won’t be complete until at least 2018 – and I don’t see any other solutions popping up in the meantime.

I AM SO LUCKY that I am retired!!!  For the most part, I can schedule my trips across the city to avoid traffic gridlock.  In fact, I can schedule my life to suit ME!!  What could be better than that?


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