Just Bitchin’ – Exercising


I’m signed up (for the 2nd session in a row) for a chair exercise class at the Kanata Seniors’ Centre……Monday mornings.  Last session it was Friday mornings.  Neither seems to be the perfect choice.

Chair exercise isn’t exactly as it sounds – we do spend some time in a seated position – but there is enough done to bring up the heart rate and to break a sweat.  Some work is done beside or behind the chair (with the chair acting as your balance buddy) and some work is done “on the move”.  The instructor seems to sense when we need to sit down (good for her) but we really ought to pitch in and get her some new music tapes.  We all know all the words to all of the songs so you can guess which era they are from!!

The really hard part is getting there.  Waking up in the mornings, there is seldom a body part  that isn’t aching or unwilling to behave properly…….and so the thought process starts……Do I really want to go this morning? …… I wonder if I should?…….It’s sooooo hot out there……. Perhaps I shouldn’t aggravate that hip……..It would only be for this week…….!!!

Usually my determination to do some form of exercise wins out over my hatred of the damn stuff.  What will happen today?


2 thoughts on “Just Bitchin’ – Exercising

  1. I share your pain. We have a similar program here but it is not until 11 am so I have to find other excuses for not going. The class always ends on time as we have to get home for lunch. I should be doing my Jane Fonda program but have excuses for not doing that either.

    • I did end up going. We had a back-up instructor (ours was moving house) and she worked us twice as hard as the usual gal. Wouldn’t you know!

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