Just Bitchin’ – My Rant to City Hall about Plasco

It wasn’t until an article in yesterday’s paper that I realized that the Plasco process – should it even work – WILL NOT HANDLE GREEN BIN TYPE GARBAGE.  I’m guessing 90% of the people out there don’t know this.  It is rarely verbalized.
We are just beginning the program of what I call “green-bin-encouragement/enforcement” – and have no idea if this will be successful.  Certainly allowing the same number of pieces of garbage as was the case before bi-weekly collection won’t help things along.  If the program does not result in reduced “garbage” – and I’m suspecting reduction targets will be far from met – what is so darned good about the Plasco project if it won’t/can’t handle anything that “should” be put in a green bin???  Somebody will still have to sort everything  in the “garbage pails/bags” and something will have to be done with what Plasco won’t process.  Where is the cost savings?  How does this even begin to make sense?
I would be extremely happy to see my tax dollars going to a research project that was prepared to handle ALL GARBAGE.  Another one that picks and chooses what it defines as garbage – FOR THE BIRDS……and our fair Council is about to sign a contract with Plasco!
Has anyone had a good chat with the city of Gatineau to discover how they make it work to do one pick-up and sort things themselves?  Is it too late to stop this train and do something that actually makes sense?

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