Just Bitchin’ – Family Weddings

The last of my 3 nephews was married last weekend.  Though not the youngest of the three, he certainly held out the longest – and, it appears, for good reason.  He was waiting for the one person who could make him happier than he ever dreamed possible.

Two beautiful young ladies  came along as a package deal – and a dog.

Let me tell you about the depth of this man’s commitment.

  •  Just days before the nuptials, said dog had a run-in with a skunk – and I mean a faceful of direct hit type of run-in.  It was cold outside.  The groom-to-be spent hours in the cold backyard soaking up noxious fumes and sponge-cleaning the dog with just about every “I’ve been skunked” remedy known to man!!  The bride-to-be wisely stayed inside and kept the warm water coming.  So the story goes – that kind of direct hit smells nothing like a skunk – rather it smells like putrid burning rubber!
  • One of said young ladies has a significant allergy to cats.  My nephew had 2 much loved kitties.  He opted to give them up!! and  Aunt Sue found a home for them with one of my neighbours.  They are giving their new owners a run for their money – but are doing fine!
  • He wore an orange shirt for the wedding!
  • He will now have to endure a 60-90 minute commute – each way – to and from work.  Donations of books on tape will, in all likelihood, be appreciated!
  • His new M-I-L lives just down the street!

The bride showed respect for her about-to-be husband’s passion and career by walking down the aisle to the original theme from Hockey Night in Canada!  I’m sure that was a first!

All kidding aside – the photographer (a family friend) said it best when he described the event as a warm and wonderful gathering of friends and family that just happened to have a wedding in it.

It was a great weekend!



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