I Am Still Here

I have been extremely delinquent in terms of posting to my blog and I’m not sure why.  Normally it doesn’t take much for me to want to share my opinion on something.  Goodness knows, there have been lots of things in the news and in general to “opine” about.

First – the weather.  This (so they say) has been the coldest winter in Ottawa in 20 years.  IN 20 YEARS!!!!  Just a little more than a week from today, we move our clocks ahead – SPRING FORWARD!  Who could possible be thinking about Spring when it’s still -20 outside?  Not to mention the hour of sleep we will lose and how dark it will be in the mornings for a while.  On the positive side, it will stay light longer during the day.

Next – Government.  I keep reading about the possibility of adding income splitting for all couples to the benefit already in place for senior citizens.  I don’t begrudge anyone a tax benefit – but where are the benefits for us single people who carry housing and many other costs all by ourselves???  There was a tidbit in the paper the other day that suggested the best way to get ahead – or to be more comfortable – financially was to get married.  DUHHHHHHH!!  I guess I’ll just run right out and do exactly that!!!  Any takers??

Can’t wait for a Provincial Election.  How ANYONE could vote this liberal government back in is way beyond me.  They are putting us in the poorhouse and many of them should be behind bars for what has transpired over the past years.

Talking about elections – I guess we are having another Municipal Election this year – and, so far, nobody appears ready to challenge Watson for the mayor’s job.  That is truly a shame.  I am NOT a fan.

Olympics – what great television we enjoyed for just over 2 weeks.  It certainly seems that Russia did a bang-up job in hosting these games and our athletes did very well.  Now it’s back to the usual stuff – keeping an eye on what “player” Juan Pablo is up to on The Bachelor, groaning at the lack of effort on behalf of my Ottawa Senators, and thoroughly enjoying the talent – and the banter among the judges – on The Voice.

Enjoy your day!!





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