It’s Never Over……Until It’s Over

Just when we had begun to relax as a country with 10 provinces and a few territories…….Just when the newspapers were no longer saying much about Quebec separation……along comes Pauline Marois – and now her sidekick PKP – they are calling an election – maybe an illegal one at that – and we’re right back where we were many many years ago.

Now – I don’t have an issue with Quebec as long as it minds its own business – it’s a beautiful province.  And I certainly don’t have any problem with those who live there – I’m sure they are all lovely people – and to speak more than one language is a good thing for anyone.


As a taxpayer, I am tired of footing the bill to have all things bilingual even in places where nobody speaks french.

As a taxpayer, I am tired of finding more Quebecois folks in my Federal Government than Anglophones – especially in management positions……because they speak french – not because they speak decent english!!

As a person who lives just steps from the Quebec border, I’m tired of hearing about all the new rules that Quebecers and Quebec-based businesses must follow……what schools their children are permitted to attend, how their storefront signs must look, etc.  However – that is their business – and if those who live there are willing to put with these rules, I shouldn’t complain.  They don’t directly affect me.

I am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst with this current situation. Should the potential she-devil win this upcoming election, fasten your seat-belts, folks – I think we will be in for a rocky ride.

If there is a new and renewed movement for Quebec Separation, I don’t want any sort of  handshake.  If they don’t want to be part of Canada, I think they should LEAVE and take their share of the national debt with them.  They should receive NO MORE hand-outs from OUR Federal Government – unless or until they become one of those 3rd world countries who truly need help – and even then, they will have to get in line with the others.  I’m tired of this.  It is time for us to move on.


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