Just The Girls

I am fortunate to live on a street where, of the small number of 50 homes, 14 of us are single women.  Talk about an absolutely fabulous built-in support structure not to mention very handy friends.

In addition to going to the occasional concert, hockey game, movie or just out for fish and chips, we have even travelled together – 8 of us did a Danube River Cruise a few years ago.  The normal routine is to get together every 6 weeks or so at one house or another to solve the myriad of world problems (and to drink several gallons of wine).  As a rule, we are all close to home and could get there on our knees if need be.  If the truth be told, we did hear some rumours at the local Tim Hortons (or was it Starbucks??) about those party-hardy ladies of GC and the racket they can make when heading home late at night en masse from one of our gatherings.  While there are 2 single men on our street – they aren’t invited – no rationale required.

Last night we went “off-court” to the home of an adopted member of our group, one car behind the other….. the blind leading the blind…..two designated drivers…..two trunks full of yummy finger foods …….and the usual plethora (I love that word) of wine bottles.  Had the Ottawa Senators not completely lost it at the end of the 3rd period, blowing a 4-1 lead and ending up losing the game in overtime, the evening would have been a complete success.  Our hostess was kind enough to have the game on TV in the next room allowing a few of us hockey fans to slip out now and then to check progress.

Of course we talked about politics – with several Quebecers in the group, it was very interesting to get their take on the current silly scenario in that province with  Pauline Marois and PKP at the helm.  It seems pretty much everyone is totally fed up with the whole issue.   We covered Hydro rates, the upcoming increase in home heating gas prices, the behaviour of children, teens, and how it became so, bullying, teachers’ authority (or lack thereof), parental authority (or lack thereof), children and grandchildren, travel plans and wish lists (most of us have a wish list much larger than our bank accounts) – and very briefly – men. I’m quite sure there were other topics of conversation but I can’t be expected to remember them all!!

After one of these get-togethers I know I always come away feeling very thankful that I ended up on this perfect street of (almost) perfect neighbours and wonderful friends.  It couldn’t be a better situation for growing into those golden years.  Our single ladies group even ponders the thought of pooling our resources when the time comes to hire a fulltime RN or Home Healthcare Aide to scoot from one house to the other – sounds a lot less expensive than moving to a retirement home.  Some of these after-many-drinks ideas sound far-fetched until you really think about them – not such a bad idea after all.

Our next challenge is to come together with our travel wish lists so that everyone knows what everyone else wants to do over the next 5 years – where people have wish lists in common – it could very well be the makings of another fabulous group trip.



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